• Keynotes
  • Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation
  • Talent and Engagement
  • Organisational Development and Learning
  • Keynotes
  • Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation
  • Talent and Engagement
  • Digital HR and People Analytics
5:30 pm
7:30 am
8:30 am
8:40 am

Evolve or die: developing a growth-mindset


Brian has worked for some of the planet’s key disrupters over the past 10 years, Amazon, ASOS, Wiggle, He has lived through Moore’s Law, seen Darwinian examples of great companies not changing fast enough (DEC, Compaq, Nokia, Blackberry etc.) and has lived through the mobile/smartphone revolution that has put digital natives in charge. He describes how you need to REALLY understand your customer, connect with them in the way that suits them, use big data to truly know them, use social media to excite, and create emotional connection and loyalty. If you don’t, you will slowly wither on the vine!

Brian will also share a few lessons on leadership having been hired by and worked with Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos to run their UK operations.

Brian McBride, Chairman of ASOS and Former CEO of Amazon UK - ASOS
9:20 am

IBM's Transformation of HR and the Future of Work


CHRO Gary Kildare will address how companies can re-imagine their workforce strategies through design thinking and employee co-creation. Gary will share experiences of how IBM is addressing employee expectations shaped by consumer experiences and how the company’s approach to leadership is being reshaped by neuroscience.

Gary Kildare, Chief HR Officer - IBM
10:00 am
10:50 am

Networking & Refreshments

Lightning Talk - Illuminate us but make it Quick

Illuminate us but Make it Quick! During these insightful 15 minute presentations hear from thought-leaders, industry experts and leaders on the drivers that are reshaping the workforce landscape.

Santa Fe Mobility Clinics

An opportunity to have a high-level discussion about Santa Fe’s global mobility programme, which could include:

  • Future proofing your Global Mobility policies
  • Measuring return on investment (ROI) from international assignments
  • Talent – how does this integrate with global mobility
  • Measures that matter – developing a meaningful reporting suite
  • Choosing the right global mobility partner(s)
  • Selecting the right candidate for international assignments
  • Exploring the total programme cost
John Rason, Head of Consulting Services - Santa Fe
11:20 am

Building your HR Strategy – Providing Strategic Business Advice and Insight

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

The holy grail of HR pursued by many HR professionals, understood by the few and questioned by the many, particularly those outside of HR. This session will challenge our thinking around what strategic HR looks like and how one person can make a difference, adding value and being valued by rethinking HR and your role through recognising your gaps to accelerate forward your contribution in the board room. Using personal observations to pick apart what it means to be strategic this session will leave you better equipped to return to your respective roles and do what needs to be done.

Shakil Butt, Human Resources and Organisational Development Director - IR Worldwide

Creating Talent Management that Supports Strategy-Building and Execution in Your Organization

Talent and Engagement

Talent Management should serve not only to identify and deploy the top performers and potentials in an organization, but first and foremost to drive business success in the present and the immediate future. This means we must design talent management in accordance with business goals and challenges, insure that the various components work toward uniform goals and link execution of the process with the senior-most management of the enterprise. This session will examine the design and implementation of performance management, talent pools, succession planning, placement processes and incentivation illustrated by the example of the complete overhaul of all talent management practices at Bertelsmann SE over the last three years.

Hays Steilberg, Executive Vice President Corporate HR, Executives and Talent - Bertelsmann

Leadership in VUCA times: Driving Fit and Purpose

Organisational Development and Learning

In a world of hyper-competition and complex business models – organisations need to foster a culture of learning to encourage high performance and growth. This session will explore the relationship between the changing world (10 – 20 year perspective) and the demands this will have on future leadership. Having over 20 years extensive experience in leadership within international corporate organisations, Andre de Wit, VP Capability Building and Learning at Carlsberg will share

  • How to build a Leadership Development Strategy that takes into consideration these future demands on Leadership;
  • How to develop and implement successful Leadership Learning Concepts that aim to support executive leaders in the fast changing environment they work in; and
  • The impact of these programs on Leadership and improved business results triggered by higher engagement
Andre de Wit, VP Capability Building and Learning - Carlsberg Breweries A/S
11:55 am

Driving Leadership Agility and Impact in an increasingly Multi-speed World

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

In the “old” days, before 2005, linear business planning worked well and a one size fits all approach to organisation and leadership development sufficed.  That world has changed significantly.   Now we experience a more disruptive and complex reality where organisations need to respond in different ways and at different speeds depending on their business and operating models.  Organisations and their leaders are required to operate in different ways in order to serve their differing multi-speed realities.

What does this mean in practical terms?  Well, that executive leadership must apply different strategies and different governance criteria for the more traditional parts of their organisation compared with the exponential parts and leadership must be agile enough to successfully navigate the continuum between these polarities.

In this session we will explore how organisations and their leaders can adapt to this new multi-speed world, have impact and stay relevant in the future.

Catherine Berney, Client Director - Mannaz

Does your onboarding strategy need a makeover?

Talent and Engagement

While companies recognise the importance of onboarding many don’t have an effective programme in place. Studies show that many employees will decide to stay onboard or leave for greener pastures in the first year. This case study led session will discuss how to implement an immersive and people-driven onboarding experience in your organisation, identify the four-key touch points of a new hire joining a company (either SME or multinational) and share with you – how to measure the ROI of a good onboarding program?

Gerrit Brouwer, CEO - Appical

How do you Recruit Staff with the Right English Skills? A Global Perspective.

Organisational Development and Learning

English is the global language of business. Companies worldwide are now mandating English as the common corporate language in an attempt to facilitate communication across geographically diverse functions and business activity. Cambridge English Language Assessment, in conjunction with QS, creator of the World University Rankings Report, has undertaken global research into the importance of English language proficiency in the workplace.  Thousands of companies were asked for their view on the importance of English. This session covers a summary of the main findings and makes some recommendation about how you can improve the way you test job candidates and up-skill employees.

Mark Hurrell, Development Manager - Cambridge English
12:30 pm

Transforming Leadership: Driving Organisational Change

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

In today’s complex business environment leadership is not just about a title or a position of influence, it’s your mind-set and how to use it as a tool for success. We know we need to be agile, collaborative and authentic – but what does that even look like? This session will explore the need to shift our perspective from a ‘hero power dynamic’ leader to one which is ‘adaptive, empathic and inclusive’. It will identify what are the qualities associated with the new age leader and why is it important in driving organisational change.

Yuvil Dvir, Head of Online Partnerships - Google Cloud

Developing Leaders for the Global Arena

Talent and Engagement

As organisations reach across borders it is imperative for companies to cultivate leaders for global markets. And as such developing leaders that are globally focussed and culturally attuned is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage in the global economy. This session will explore what skills and competencies does a global leader need and what best practice performance management and development opportunities can organisations provide to build leadership capabilities and their global leader talent pool.

Maxim Strashun, Head of Talent Development EMEA - Lenovo

New Work Environment Design: How to Increase Value Proposition

Organisational Development and Learning

Flatter hierarchical structures, leaner processes, managing virtual teams and flexible working environments are all impacting how we engage with our employees. New work environment design can have a significant implication on culture and engagement. This session will discover ways to create an agile work structures, how to create a culture that can adapt and respond more proactively to meet the needs of the changing environment and how to increase the value proposition of the individual and the company.

Katharina Pahl, Member of the Management Board; Labour Director - ISS Facility Services Holding GmbH
1:00 pm

Networking Lunch

Lunch and Learn: Round Table Discussion - Leadership in a digital age: Quo vadis?

Organizations not only need to use digital strategies to reach and interact with their customers and consumers, they also need to explore the impact digitization has on the way in which their executives lead. In this roundtable we will explore how the participants experience this challenge, how they have put this on the agenda and what actions they have already taken or would like to take.

Robert Hooijberg, Professor of Organizational Behaviour - IMD
2:00 pm

The Human Element in Managing Risk

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Traditionally risk management has focused on policies, procedures and bottom-line business activities. Effective risk management goes beyond compliance and governance and towards the human element particularly as it relates to change and workforce planning. This session will discuss the importance HR play in protecting against and mitigating any potential risk and will explore how successful risk management can help to foster new opportunities.

The Engaging Leader: How to Grow Employee Engagement Using Leader Personality

Talent and Engagement

This is a highly interactive session which will focus on:

  • The people challenge that organisations face in a 21st C VUCA world
  • The link between leader personality and employee engagement
  • The benefits of using personality feedback in order to make leaders more engaging
  • The discussion will focus on the exchange of experiences and best practice; brainstorming on common challenges; Q&A on the topic of engagement and leader personality.
Nick Starritt, Managing Director - Mercer | Sirota Natalie Jacquemin, Talent Strategy Practice Leader - Mercer

Redefining the Future of Learning and Development

Organisational Development and Learning

With the rise in smart machines, new media ecology and superstructure organisations, companies have never been more reliant on continuous learning – L&D is a rapidly changing field, if HR professionals aren’t keeping up they run a risk of being left behind. To remain relevant HR need to adopt new approaches to work and learning with their stakeholders. To do this they need to understand the organisational objectives, performance expectations and the root cause to any skills and capability gaps.

Senior Representative, - Training Express Group
2:35 pm

Aligning People with your Transformational Strategy

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Does your HR function still deliver the people capabilities you need to stay competitive? As organisations transform to remain competitive – the HR function must also take stock to ensure they are continuing to help the business achieve its strategic objectives for performance and growth. This session will explore what strategic considerations you need to make when re-designing your HR function. What best practice tools and processes should you consider to improve operation efficiencies? And what impact will this have on your team and the wider organisation?

German Valencia, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Information Officer - Business Process & Customer Service - Deutsche Post DHL Group

Generation Exchange – Dealing with Different Generations in the Workforce

Talent and Engagement

We are entering a world where multiple generations will be working together in the workforce bringing a diverse range of perspectives, motives, attitudes and needs. Leaders today must be ready to take on the challenge of integrating and managing up-to five generations and keeping them motivated. This session will explore how to leverage the differences in values, knowledge and expectations to gain cross-generational interaction and development. It will also identify how these differing needs and expectations bring an opportunity to innovate your people practices.

Noor van Boven, VP, Global Head of People - Soundcloud

Driving Success Through Coaching: Building a Growth and Solution Focused Mindset

Organisational Development and Learning

Increasingly organisations are turning to coaching to develop future talents, improve organisational performance and unleash the potential in their people.

Typically, coaching is seen as either a means to deal with under-performance or reserved for high potentials or senior management. Think of coaching and many think of relying on external, professional and accredited coaches. Not at Nokia.

Hear how to launch and embed an internal coaching culture within your organisation; what approaches to coaching are used, how to strengthen coaching confidence; support your coaches and how achieve the best ROI when implementing an internal coaching culture.

This session will also highlight the importance of building awareness around coaching, managing a coaching pool size and engagement, maintaining quality and how to leverage the coaches in your organization. It will cover learnings and some hurdles to overcome.

Joel Casse, Global Head of Executive & Leadership Development - Nokia
3:05 pm
3:55 pm

Networking & Refreshments

Lightning Talk - Illuminate us but make it Quick

4:30 pm

Future-proofing Global Mobility – embedding business strategy at the heart of Global Mobility


Faced with an increasingly complex geopolitical world, organisations recognise the need to drive organisational growth through their internationally mobile employee workforce. This session will explore how HR and global mobility teams can make a more strategic contribution to their businesses.

John Rason, Head of Consulting Services - Santa Fe
5:00 pm

Humanizing Diversity & Inclusion


All too often, we rush to programs, trainings and numbers as ways to “move the needle” on Diversity & Inclusion within our organizations. While those tactics can help, we sometimes forget what is at the foundation of this challenge – human beings and a need to empathize. “Humanizing Diversity & Inclusion” will invite you into the conversation, ask you to approach D&I from a different starting point, and provide you with a simple, yet effective, exercise that you can immediately leverage in your organization. Will you come help to start the conversation?

Damien Hooper-Campbell, VP, Chief Diversity Officer - eBay
5:50 pm
6:00 pm

Networking Drinks Reception

Join Lirea International for some delicious drinks and enjoy the live entertainment – this is open to all attendees

7:30 am
8:00 am

Breakfast Briefings

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

8:45 am
8:55 am

The Changing HR Equation


Digital transformation is drastically changing the work landscape and has caused us to question existing organisational frameworks and models. Today, in order to prosper and grow organizations must embrace digital transformation. Hear from Stijn Nauwelaerts, HR General Manager for Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations (GSMO), as he discusses how digital transformation is changing the way we work; how to approach digital transformation in your organisation; and how you can utilise this opportunity to drive business outcomes to ensure future prosperity.

Stijn Nauwelaerts, HR General Manager - Microsoft
9:30 am

Change to Make an Impact


A new wave of leadership is emerging and it is one of ambition and passion to grow. Hear from one of the top-ranked MBA, according to the Finanical Times and The Economist on how to develop a holistic understand of the organisation you work in and prepare to lead across different business functions. This session will explore how emotional intelligence; a commercial mindset and strong leadership can become a force for positive change.

10:00 am
10:50 am
10:50 am

Lightning Talk - Illuminate us but make it Quick

Illuminate us but Make it Quick! During these insightful 15 minute presentations hear from thought-leaders, industry experts and leaders on the drivers that are reshaping the workforce landscape.

Lightning Talk - Illuminate us but make it Quick

Illuminate us but Make it Quick! During these insightful 15 minute presentations hear from thought-leaders, industry experts and leaders on the drivers that are reshaping the workforce landscape.

Sante Fe Mobility Clinics

11:20 am

Creating a world-class energy company: HR's role in the Shell-BG combination

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

In 2016, amidst low oil prices and a difficult economic environment, Shell and BG combined to create an industry-leading company with an unparalleled competitive position in gas. HR played a central role in the transition, from helping to capture and preserve each organisation’s strengths, to leveraging the unique aspects of two diverse cultures. In this session you will hear insights on how visible leadership and a holistic approach to change management helped lay the foundation for integration success and post-integration value delivery.

Jorrit van der Togt, Executive Vice President HR Strategy and Learning & OE - Royal Dutch Shell

Leaderships Role in Advocating Organizational Wellbeing

Talent and Engagement

A new high-intensity workplace has evolved – employees are being asked to do more with less, working long hours with increasingly heavy workloads. The line between work and life has been blurred as many struggling to achieve or maintain a sense of balance and suffering from the ‘always on’ syndrome. No wonder well-being and health issues are increasingly important within organisations. This session will unlock the correlation between values, stress and well-being. Hear what implications this has on personal identity, engagement and performance? And how you, as a leader can embed a positive role model approach to enforce well-being strategy into your organisational culture.

Niriti Mehta, Group HR Director – Cocoa and Chocolate - Cargill

Humanising Technology: A Strategic Approach to Building your Digital Identity

Digital HR and People Analytics

True digital transformation is more than just putting technology in place. Organisations must invest in becoming truly digitally enabled to increase agility, improve performance, reduce costs and deliver a great customer experience. Learn from a company who has recently gone through a digital transformation. This session will explore the importance of setting a clearly defined and unified digital strategy and will identify best practice strategies and tactics on how you can digitalise your workforce culture. HR must focus on Digital as a people topic – how do we enable and support our employees to help them to adapt to work in the digital way. How do you bring technology and people on pace? What do we need to do to develop their digital literacy skills to remain competitive?

Dr. Reza Moussavian, Senior Vice President of the HR division “Digital & Innovation” - Deutsche Telekom AG
11:55 am

The Knowledge Architect

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Doing business as usual is not enough during times of sluggish economic growth. To generate new sources of value and competitive advantage, companies must learn to elicit processes of “creative destruction” by creatively reconfiguring their internal competencies, processes and resources. Research shows that a specific profile – the “knowledge architect” – plays a crucial albeit largely unrecognized role in facilitating such reconfiguration processes. Who are the “knowledge architects”? Why do they matter? How can HR develop and engage them?

Prof. Gianluca Carnabuci, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour - ESMT

The State of the Global Workplace: Crisis in Engagement and Rise of the Millennials

Talent and Engagement

How profound shifts in the makeup of the global workforce require leaders to make radical changes to their engagement and performance management strategies.

Peter’s talk will address these key points:

  • 87% of global employees are not engaged at work. How do successful companies buck the trend?
  • The global workforce is changing rapidly. What are implications for HR leaders and managers

Traditional performance management strategies are failing. So what is the way forward?

Peter Flade, Senior Advisor - Gallup

The New EU Data Protection Regime: An HR Perspective

Digital HR and People Analytics

With the ‘General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in a couple of years, it is critical to start preparing for the transition as the sheer scale of the changes will require significant investment and workforce planning. This session will identify what compliance obligations you need to be aware of to protect your people and your organisation. Hear what to consider before undertaking the transition, how to assess your current HR-related processing activities to identify any gaps with the GDPR and what procedural requirements you will need to implement to ensure you remain compliant.

12:30 pm

Networking Lunch

Thought Exchange

Experiences and knowledge, are our biggest asset. With this in mind we have created a new and exciting opportunity for both our attendees and executive speakers to collaborate and learn from each other. Led by one of our executive speakers a Thought Exchange is a follow up on a pivotal case study from the programme agenda.

1:30 pm

PANEL: Driving the Strategic Vision: What does the Business Need from HR?


Do you achieve the desired impact you perceive you are achieving? To be a true strategic partner you need to understand the business you are in and what they need from you – it’s your ability to get to know and connect to the entire organisation to drive true strategic value. How do you achieve this? Well there is no better way than simply asking them.

This panel will uncover what organisations need from HR to successfully navigate the change business landscape to build intelligent organisation for the future.

Re-imaging HR by applying ‘Human-Centred’ Design Thinking

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Transformation equates to any change of significant impact and is commonly used in conjunction with the term innovation. But how can HR influence creative thinking and promote fearless curiosity to drive engagement, create new experiences and boost performance and growth? This session will discuss how design thinking can be an effective tool for HR and will explore how to embed a design thinking mentality into your organisation.

2:20 pm

Measures that Matter: Building your HR Dashboard

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Spend less time looking in the rear-view mirror by building a more evidence based, action-orientated and user friendly HR dashboard. This session will explore which key performance indicators you need to include in your reporting framework. Know which data to display that inspires action by telling a story through your HR data that aligns with your organisational strategies.

Talent Mobility: A recipe for success

Talent and Engagement

In an era of re-invention today’s employees are looking for more when it comes to their careers – they are no longer interested in traditional career paths but rather opportunities to work across roles, projects, divisions and locations.

This session will examine:

  • What you should consider before making a trans-disciplinary shift?
  • What benefits do cross-functional and cross-location mobility have on the individual and organization alike
  • Best practice advice on how to attract global talent.
Richard Bradley, Vice President - Kelly Services YouMe Jeon, Managing Director - Kelly Services

Using Business Intelligence to Inform Business Strategy

Digital HR and People Analytics

True business insight comes from a combination of hard data, commercial understanding of the business and knowledge of the wider environment. Hear how to develop an integrated business intelligence approach to make informed decisions on workforce planning, talent management and engagement. This session will also demonstrate the benefits of a BI model to enable cross system analysis, forecast and projections and business performance data to guide business strategy.

2:50 pm
3:10 pm

HR Effectiveness: HR as a true Strategic Force

Strategy, Leadership and Business Transformation

Arne-Christian van der Tang, SVP Group Human Resources will share the TomTom transformation story and give the audience insight in the struggles and successes we had during our first 25 years. TomTom’s comeback story is fuelled by entrepreneurship, innovation and agility, and by the great talents who have achieved more than we could have imagined.

Part of the storyline is the transformation of HR to a strategic force to be reckoned with, driven by the entrepreneurship, innovation and agility.

Arne-Christian Van Der Tang, SVP Group Human Resources - TomTom

Employee Engagement - 'Next Generation Model'

Talent and Engagement

Employee Engagement has been and continues to be critical to sustainable success. This session explores how to drive a ‘high performing, highly engaged’ People Vision that encourages people to work together to deliver a great customer experiences and build a better society. Identify what evaluation tools you need in place to measure the true correlation between increased engagement levels and organisational and financial performance.

Alberto Platz, VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement - Swarovski

The Power of Purpose & Economic Graph at work in Amsterdam

Digital HR and People Analytics

Creating a sense of purpose for your employees is of paramount importance to hiring and retaining new talent. Purpose driven companies have 11% longer tenures and 30% higher performance. At the same time, LinkedIn Economic Graph identified Amsterdam as an entrepreneurial tech hub. Join us to hear more about how to create a purpose driven company and inspire your employees as well as to learn more about booming tech sector in Amsterdam.

Raymond Huner, Director - LinkedIn
3:50 pm

Operating in the ‘white spaces’: Turning Strategy into Reality


HR is no longer about the transactional A, B, C. HR need to understand the commercial drivers of the organisation. They must translate that into real business value for the organisation – understanding how to generate and demonstrate return on investment in the development of people and the organisation. The idea that HR work in the ‘white space’ between the boxes of the organisation chart – making the connection between the different functions and removing the silo mentality to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. This session will take an in-depth look at the role, capabilities and skill set required for the 21st Century Business Advisor and Leader.

Renee Atwood, Former CHRO, Twitter, Former Global Head of People & Places, Uber Technologies and Former People Leader, Google -
4:20 pm

We have now got Renee Atwood, former CHRO of @Twitter speaking at our 2017 #HRDEurope Summit. More information here: Posted 3 days ago

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