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  • Networking
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4:30 pm

Ram Charan's Private Workshop


Pre-event Private Workshop taking place on Monday 30th May:

Ram Charan will deliver a private workshop coaching HR professionals to make the step to board level, by helping them form the powerful insights that help business leaders face their toughest challenges in the areas of growth, talent development, corporate governance, and profitability.

This interactive workshop will focus on:

  • The modern CHRO–experiences and skills
  • Focus and distractions
  • Building a new kind of HR people pool
  • CHRO and the Board of Directors
  • CHROs and shareholders
  • Changing culture and delivering business results.

Places are limited, to participate in this workshop please contact Shane Kemp on +44 (0) 208 080 9594 or

Ram Charan, Global Business & Leadership Consultant - Ram Charan
7:45 am
8:30 am
8:40 am

The Business World of the Future is Demanding a Different Kind of CHRO. Good News is that Some CHROs Have Taken Up the New Challenge and are Succeeding. More Need to Come Aboard.


The Business World of the Future is Demanding a Different Kind of CHRO. Good News is that Some CHROs Have Taken Up the New Challenge and are Succeeding. More Need to Come Aboard.
The presentation will focus on:

  • The new context: speed, digital onslaught and millennials
  • Business savvy: simple and easy to learn
  • CFO, CHRO & business partner
  • Linking people and numbers
  • Agile organisation structures
  • End of ranking and yanking
Ram Charan, Global Business & Leadership Consultant - Ram Charan
9:10 am

Claiming Your Seat at the Top Table

  • What leaders are looking for in their HR professionals as a partner in driving business growth
  • Understanding the external forces that impact on business growth
  • How to negotiate and win when communicating with senior leaders: what is the language that they understand?
  • Addressing the skills gap: bridging the divide between supporting the business and leading the business
Tommy Jensen, CEO Europe, Middle East and Africa - Bunge William McClain, Vice President Human Resources - Bunge
9:40 am

Retaining Engagement Through a Complex Separation

  • Completing the most significant and complex separation project in Royal Philips 125 year history
  • Retaining engagement required a mix of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ tactics, with trust and transparency being key guiding principles from the get-go
Denise Haylor, Chief HR Officer - Philips
10:10 am

MATCH Meetings

11:00 am
11:05 am
11:25 am

Establishing the Right Corporate Culture and Values for a Global Organisation to Flourish

  • Including all voices in the establishment and communication of corporate culture and value
  • Measuring alignment of the culture values and behaviors and impact on engagement and performance
  • Moving from ‘pretty words’ on the website to all employees’ hearts and minds
  • Sustaining the global conversation
Suzanne Padovani, Senior Director, Talent, Leadership, Organisation & Effectiveness EMEA - Celgene

Increasing Satisfaction and Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace

Paolo Vasques, Global HR Director - Benetton

The Great Generation Z Debate

What are the expectations of the next generation of employees and how should businesses adapt to engage them?

Vivien Orosz, Head of Group Capability and Strategic HR - MOL Group Mariska Van IJzerloo, Director of People and Organisation - Ampelmann Mervyn Dinnen, Talent & HR Analyst and Author -
12:00 pm

The Impact of Digital and Mobile on Corporate Health & Wellness

This session will cover the market trends and drivers in digital and mobile and how corporate health and wellness solutions can leverage its value and not only empower but also engage employees more.

Peter Ohnemus, Founder - dacadoo AG

Consumerisation of Learning - Trends Reshaping Learning And Development In Corporations

  • Consumerisation of Learning – what does it look like today?
  • Opportunities and Pitfalls for L&D
  • Emergence of the B2B2C model for corporate L&D
  • How do suppliers need to adjust?
Dan Tesnjak, Head of Sales & Marketing - Training Express Group

The Engaging Leader: How to Grow Employee Engagement Using Leader Personality

This is a highly interactive session which will focus on:

  • The people challenge that organisations face in a 21st C VUCA world
  • The link between leader personality and employee engagement
  • The benefits of using personality feedback in order to make leaders more engaging

The discussion will focus on the exchange of experiences and best practice; brainstorming on common challenges; Q&A on the topic of engagement and leader personality.

12:30 pm
12:30 pm

Roundtable Discussion: Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance: What’s more important to make your businesses grow? Hiring new talent or investing in your own people?

  • Innovative models of executive education that invest in your own people produce better results than the disruption and effort created by seeking the right new talent
  • The best way to grow is to invest in learning programmes that have a true impact on executive development and business outcomes
  • The best learning programmes don’t simply draw on content that relies on case studies and past experience: they tap into the knowledge and content from business leaders, journalists and analysts

Roundtable Discussion: Exploring the complexities of rolling out global HR initiatives - How do you balance local language needs with a consistent global strategy?

  • What’s it like for your teams to deliver global communication programmes?
  • How do you react when you read information that has been poorly translated?
  • How can you achieve what you want for your people, and for the organisation?
Paul Ballard, Managing Director - 3di

Roundtable Discussion: How technology is helping to attract millennials

Raphael Heraief, Founder - Unono

Roundtable Discussion: Driving employee motivation: what can we learn from our Asian counterparts?


Motivation & retention are challenges facing almost every organisation. Recent research has shown that Asian companies sustain higher engagement levels and greater motivation among staff members when directly compared to their Western counterparts.
Join this interactive discussion to explore:

What is the secret for employee retention in Asia?

  • Why are turnover rates lower in Asian companies?
  • How to develop enduring and innovative engagement and retention strategies?
  • How to dodge the bullets in the process?
Ramona Bilic, Head of Human Resource & Key Account Management - Benefit One
1:30 pm

Think Tank: What could possibly go wrong?


Exploring the central role of Human Resources in the current era of technological change in the workplace. Digital transformation of business processes, customer interactions and recruitment has put pressure on HR to ensure that it is fully involved in times of change. Kate highlights some examples where the failure to set clear policies for the digital age have placed companies in the unwelcome spotlight.

Kate Bevan, Editor - FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance
2:05 pm

Agility - How to build and support an agile workforce

New Talent acquisition: New approaches to attracting the next generation of talent


New Talent acquisition: New approaches to attracting the next generation of talent

  • Challenges in industry
  • Understanding what is important and what attracts these candidates to employers
  • Creating Brand identity having the new generation closer to the company – fancy or real?
  • Building up the scene for GenY – how to attract them
Vivien Orosz, Head of Group Capability and Strategic HR - MOL Group

Enabling Business Performance Through Analytical Capabilities And People Insights

We explore Analytics as the single source of truth as we move from perception to reality, learning the story behind the numbers? Followed by Data Analytics world cafe.

Giovanni Everduin, Head of Strategic HR, Communication - Tanfeeth
2:35 pm

HR as Change Makers for Inclusive Leadership, Collaboration & Decision-Making Innovative Behavioural Techniques

  • Develop and implement Inclusion & Diversity as a business imperative
  • Engage all leaders in mitigating unconscious bias and be inclusive leaders
  • Integrate Inclusion & Diversity into you HR processes and organisational culture
  • Leverage diversity for innovation and performance
Tinna C. Nielsen, Founder - Move the Elephant
3:05 pm

MATCH Meetings

3:55 pm
4:00 pm
4:20 pm

Making Health a Priority: Building a Culture of Health at IBM that Engages and Motivates


Most of us realise that a culture of health in the workplace encourages employees to perform at their best professionally and can enable healthy choices through the workday. Learn how IBM developed their culture of health as part of an overall engagement strategy that includes employee assistance, wellness and health management programmes that helps employees improve their health and productivity.

Patric Traut, Health Promotion Leader Western Europe - IBM | Optum

The State of the Global Workplace: Crisis in Engagement and Rise of the Millennials

How profound shifts in the makeup of the global workforce require leaders to make radical changes to their engagement and performance management strategies.

Peter’s talk will address these key points:

  • 87% of global employees are not engaged at work. How do successful companies buck the trend?
  • The global workforce is changing rapidly. What are implications for HR leaders and managers
  • Traditional performance management strategies are failing. So what is the way forward?
Peter Flade, Senior Advisor - Gallup
4:55 pm

Keynote Address


It’s life Jim, but not as we know it: what does the future hold for the HR professional?

Johanna Soderstrom, Corporate Vice President, CHRO, Human Resources & Aviation - Dow
5:25 pm
5:30 pm

Drinks Reception


Come join us for the networking drinks reception, kindly sponsored by Lirea International, taking place in one of Amsterdam’s famous boats. Guests will be able to enjoy stunning views as the boat cruises through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals whilst networking with industry colleagues and friends. The Drinks Reception is open to all attendees.

7:45 am
8:00 am

Breakfast Briefings


How does the changing landscape impact me in my particular role?

Building on the key note addresses from Day 1, we will focus on the following questions:

  • What new skills/mind-sets do I need to be successful?
  • What changes do I need to make?
  • What support, if any, do I need to get there?
8:45 am
8:55 am

Self Leadership Journey – Creating an Engaged Community of Leaders

  • The power of the self leadership model
  • Connecting people to each other by building deeper and more meaningful relationships, starting with self leadership
  • Bridging the gap between leaders and their teams
  • Differences and similarities of approaches in two different organisations
  • Successes and pitfalls to avoid – lessons learnt
Pablo Vercelli, Vice President Human Resources - ASML
9:25 am

Panel Discussion: Shaping our Future Leaders: Developing, Retaining and Engaging High Potential Employees

  • How to fill the void left by senior leaders when they exit the company.
  • Developing our future leaders is key to growth and business continuity, but what should you be looking for in order to create a good talent pipeline?
  • Once the pipeline is in place, how can the business continue to retain and engage these individuals to develop them to their true potential and keep them in the business?
Johanna Soderstrom, Corporate Vice President, CHRO, Human Resources & Aviation - Dow Denise Haylor, Chief HR Officer - Philips William McClain, Vice President Human Resources - Bunge Catherine Ward, Group Director Human Resources - Interserve
10:05 am

Networking Refreshments


MATCH Meetings

10:20 am

Meet the Speakers


Ignite Talks

10:30 am

Ignite Talk

10:50 am

Ignite Talk

11:15 am

Leadership Development as a Driver of Material Changes in Employee Engagement

  • Throwing ratings out the window: A warts and all case study of performance management without performance measurement
  • Delegates will join the café and spend 2 x 20 minute sessions discussing how best to implement no ratings performance management.
Robert Rigby-Hall, Formerly EVP & CHRO - NXP Semiconductors

Building a Talent Community And Pipeline: Utilising Social Media To Successfully Engage With Potential Candidates

  • Securing buy in from senior management that a virtual talent community will bring added value to the organisation
  • Finding the right talent pools and interacting with them in a virtual space
  • Developing relationships with your pool of virtual candidates to stimulate engagement and interest
Ana Escurin, Global Head of Brand and Marketing - BBVA

Driving Transformational Culture Change in a Constantly Evolving Economic and Business Environment

  • Securing a united leadership: Ensuring buy in from the top down to bring about change
  • Creating a compelling vision: communicating the need for change and the impact it will have on the individual and business
  • Maintaining performance during change management programmes
Catherine Ward, Group Director Human Resources - Interserve
11:50 am

The 3 Pillars of Persuasion: Aristotle’s Wisdom in the 21st Century

  • Aristotle wrote the single most important work on persuasion over 2300 years ago.
  • How do we apply his lessons for moving other humans to take disciplined action?
  • How do we speak to persuade?
  • Professor Conor Neill will channel Aristotle for the 21st century
Conor Neill, Professor - IESE Business School
12:25 pm

Creating and Measuring Results of a Top Notch Benefit that Also Improves Employees Health Case Studies of an Universal Physical Activities Program

Michal Paciorek, Country Manager Germany -

A Case Study with Thales: How mobile onboarding technology creates an employee journey of a life time

Jaap Tijhaar, HR Director - Thales
12:25 pm
1:55 pm

Work and Technology: Gamification

When talking about Work & Technology and its impact on the Future of HR, you simply cannot ignore:

  • The number of people playing video games
  • The average age of a gamer
  • Virtual Reality

To encourage your employees to put their heart and soul in your company, you need to hit them between the eyes. Make it personal and intrinsically motivating.

Guido Helmershorst, Innovation, Technology and Learning Lead - Air France

TE Connectivity – Industrial: The Power of Social Media & Championing Inclusion & Diversity

  • Moving recruiting in-house via social media – a case study
  • Diversity recruiting: attracting and managing diverse talent
  • Creating a culture of inclusion to draw business benefits from diversity
Christiana Vonofakou, Senior Manager - Global Talent Acquisition, Inclusion and Diversity - TE Connectivity

M&A: Strengthening Your Business’ Proposition and Through Efficient and Successful Integration

  • Creating synergy: Consolidating capital and operations to ensure economies of scale
  • Conceiving a new culture: working together to ensure cultural integration that embodies new values
  • Converging new ways of working: agreeing a mentality in all employees to deliver business continuity and growth
Mariska Van IJzerloo, Director of People and Organisation - Ampelmann
2:30 pm

Developing High Performing Global Teams in a Virtual World

  • Overcoming the logistical challenges to creating a global team
  • Challenging traditional leadership: developing the skills and competencies required to lead a virtual team
  • Identifying talent and ensuring high performance: Implementing performance management and succession planning in a virtual world

Adding Value to Your Competitive Advantage: Rethinking Benefits and Reward

  • Tapping into the motivations and inspirations of your multi generation workforce
  • Understanding all employee needs across a multi-generational workforce
  • Engaging employees to develop a new flexible benefit and reward package

Outsourcing and Offshoring as a Powerful Tool to Create Efficiencies and Improve Business Processes

  • What is the business case for outsourcing and offshoring?
  • Assessing the factors that determine whether to outsource or offshore
  • Mitigating risks with an effective transition process to the new provider
3:00 pm
3:45 pm

Community-Based Leadership - Serious Learnings From Burning Man`s Event for our Agile Transition

  • Leaders in an agile environment are always in desperate need to provide direction, boundaries and purpose that people commit to 100%.
  • These days we still find HR advice/tools to lead with a set of  rules, but people want follow neither commit to something that they get told or they did not create by their own.
  • Their TUI Agile Manual shows up parallels in a more concrete example: How to create this. As a collection of principles that provides direction and purpose regarding agile transitions and is owned by everyone.
Mathis Christian, Group Agile Lead - TUI Group
4:15 pm
4:45 pm

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